Edward (Eddie) Horton - Managing Partner

Mr. Horton is a retired Captain in the New York Army National Guard with over 20 years of service.

After two decades as a New York Police Department Homicide Detective 1st Grade Mr. Horton retired in 2001 to pursue his true passion of working to help the homeless, especially veteran homeless, find shelter and support.

Mr. Horton was the founder of Resurgency-A Change of Life, Inc. a not for profit organization that provides housing and support services for homeless individuals and families, and those recently incarcerated or released from drug programs.

Resurgency presently operates several transitional homes in New York and over the years has assisted hundreds in successfully reintegrating into society.

Mr. Horton has been proactive in many facets of the veteran community and has assisted countless veterans in obtaining their VA benefits. He has participated in the VA sponsored "Homeless Veterans Summit - Ending Homelessness Among Veterans in Five Years".

Mr. Horton has been actively involved in the real estate industry and holds a real estate salesperson license, real estate appraisal license, and a loan officer certificate. He has managed and developed properties for over 27 years.

Mr. Horton earned a bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice Administration from John Jay College of Criminal Justice.

LEWIS B. KESTEN- Managing Partner
Mr. Kesten, a seasoned entrepreneur and manager, has been involved in creating novel business concepts, and buying & selling troubled companies and properties.

Recruited out of college by one of the “big 10” public accounting firms Mr. Kesten left public accounting to serve as assistant comptroller of Louis Sherry Ice Cream, a division of Beatrice Foods. Mr. Kesten left Louis Sherry to become the special assistant to the Chairman of the Board of Bastian-Blessing Corporation, a publicly traded mini-conglomerate.

Mr. Kesten departed Bastian-Blessing Corporation to become part owner of a very small lighting & grip equipment rental company servicing the motion picture industry. Within two years Mr. Kesten engineered a leverage buyout of a much larger competitor, CSI, a division of Taft Broadcasting Company, merged the entities, and became its Chairman and CEO.

Under Mr. Kesten’s leadership his company became the largest of its type, employing well over 100 people, with offices in New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco. CSI supplied the equipment needs for many of the top motion pictures and television series. Under Mr. Kesten’s leadership the company’s revenues increased a hundred fold.

During his tenure at CSI Mr. Kesten helped champion the development of the Louma Motion Picture Camera Crane for the US Market. The Louma was the industries first modular remote-controlled camera crane. His efforts helped the Louma win an Academy Award for Technical Achievement. Mr. Kesten also assisted in the design of specialized compartmental vehicles that helped facilitate effective location production.

After selling CSI Mr. Kesten produced a critically acclaimed documentary the NY Post called “Brilliant” and “An important historical document.”

Mr, Kesten was offered the position of Managing Director of Strategic Planning and e-Commerce for a small boutique merchant bank that provided financial consulting and investment banking services to small and medium sized companies.

Mr. Kesten, a graduated Hofstra University with a Bachelor in Business Administration in Accounting. He has written on crisis management, lectured on documentary filmmaking, and was the chairman of his town’s Y2K committee.

Mr. Kesten brings both an entrepreneur’s talent for building business and a pioneer’s passion for pushing the boundaries of possibilities.

Steven H. Nagourney is founder and chairman of Regulus Partners, LLC a boutique investment and merchant bank focused on early-stage science and technology and renewable energy companies. Regulus has partners in NY, Paris, Beijing, Istanbul San Francisco and Hong King as well as Kuwait and Tel Aviv.

Mr. Nagourney has been a macro strategist and financial markets analyst for over 25 years. Nagourney’s work for 30 years has primarily focused on the implications of changing risk and the dynamics of risk premiums for strategic decisions within the global financial markets.

Nagourney was Chief Global Strategist for Goldman Sachs and Lehman Brothers in the 1980s and 1990s Nagourney was a member of the Lehman Brothers Investment Banking division’s capital commitments committee where all bankers had to bring their business for firm approval and a member of the research department’s investment policy committee Nagourney was a founder of the equity division of Cantor Fitzgerald & Co LP, and its chief global strategist as well. Nagourney began his career at the RAND Corporation Later Nagourney joined the United Nations Development Program.

Nagourney attended the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and received a BSc in Philosophy and a BSc in Mathematics from Stony Brook, State University of New York

Mr. Cantwell is the president of Odell International, a program management firm headquartered in Charlotte, NC. His firm works with clients in the Middle East in healthcare, security, and project management.

Richard D. Cantwell is a 1975 graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point and is a decorated combat veteran. He completed a distinguished 20-year career in the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in 1995. Rick received a Masters Degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Texas in 1983 and the Construction Executive Program at Stanford in 1987.

As the Engineer Program Manager of the United States Army Special Operations Command at Fort Bragg, Rick was responsible for the planning, programming, budgeting, design and construction of all facilities. Rick was routinely called upon to testify and brief Congressional committees where he earned the trust and respect of many senior leaders. Rick was a member of special operations teams that conducted threat and vulnerability assessments in dozens of countries around the world.

Mr. Cantwell commanded a 625-man combat engineer battalion in South Korea stationed on the 38th parallel of the Demilitarized Zone to plan for and prepare against aggression by North Korea.

After 27 years of experience in special operations engineering, program management, and security operations, Richard D. Cantwell is a subject matter expert on counterterrorist procedures and methodologies. Congresswoman Sue Myrick appointed Mr. Cantwell as the Chairman of her Homeland Security Task Force. Additionally, Mr. Cantwell co-chairs the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Homeland Security Working Group with Major General (Retired) Wynn Mabry.

Mr. Cantwell served 20 years with the United States Army Corps of Engineers. In the position of MACOM Engineer for the United States Army Special Operations Command, responsible for the Planning, Programming, Budgeting and Execution of all facilities. Supervised the Long Range Planning, Environmental Assessment, and Master planning for the command. Supervised the preparation and submission of Capital Investment Programs and Project Development Brochures. Supervised the planning and construction for the Special Operations Medical Training Facility at Ft. Bragg, North Carolina.

Mr. Cantwell’s other experiences include: UAE Military Medical Upgrade Program, Abu Dhabi, UAE; Security Operation Training Facility, Ft. Bragg, North Carolina; Special Operations Forces Headquarters, Ft. Bragg, North Carolina; 3rd Special Forces Group, Ft. Bragg, North Carolina; 10th Special Forces Group, Ft. Carson, Colorado; Special Operations Medical Training, Ft. Bragg, North Carolina; Civil Affairs / Pysops Group, Ft. Bragg, North Carolina; Special Operations Diving Facility, Key West, Florida; United States Army Special Operations Worldwide Facilities, (35 US States plus 4 International Sites).

Larry Goldstein is currently a member of the Board of Directors of PIRA Energy, Inc., a private firm providing consulting services to governments, producers and end users regarding the oil and energy industry, and served as the President of PIRA Energy, Inc. from 1972 until December 2006.

From 1980 until his retirement in January 2007, Mr. Goldstein served as President of Energy Policy Research Foundation, Inc., a not-for-profit entity providing research services and information to its members and non-members, and was also a member of its Board of Trustees.

Mr. Goldstein is a member of the National Petroleum Council, an advisory council to the Secretary of the U.S. Department of Energy.

Mr. Goldstein received his Bachelor's Degree from City College of New York.

Carol Craig has been in the financial services arena for over twenty years. She has worked and operated businesses in the areas of securities, insurance-based investing, mortgage banking, and commercial banking. She has held corporate positions as well as been a principal owner in financial service based businesses. She has participated in a FANNIE MAE panel and was an FHA/VA trainer for several years.

For the past five years Ms. Craig's focus has shifted from institutional lending to private equity and hedge fund backed finance. Currently she negotiates secondary banking transactions inside banks for the purpose of acquiring debt and hard assets from these institutions. Another focus has been to bring clients in need of start up or expansion capital to the table using private funding vehicles, as well as serve as a business adviser and often a joint venture partner.

Ms. Craig is managing partner of both Sea Cliff Funding and C2 Financial as well as a contract negotiator for Patagonia Global and Hudson Cross Financial.

David J. Brot is a founding member of The J Companies a Manhattan based real estate developer. Mr. Brot grew up in the contracting business thanks to his father Hy Brot, a successful Brooklyn-based subcontractor who provided his son with a hands-on view of what building is really all about.

Mr. Brot offers a practical realism to every project he approaches. He is well versed in construction, development, pre-construction planning consulting and construction monitoring. There is no aspect of the residential real estate business and construction in which Mr. Brot does not have extensive experience.