Metroplex on the Atlantic

History of Rockaway

Rockaway has long been sought after as a peaceful place of refuge to escape the busy streets of New York City. In 1833 the cornerstone of the Marine Pavilion, a world class hotel, was laid down marking an era of development in the Rockaway area that has not been matched. Hotels would soon line the beachside, train lines were installed, and a special ferry line was put in place by New York City to transport people from Manhattan out to the sandy shores of Rockaway.

On old Long Island's sea-girt shore
Many an hour I've whiled away
In listening to the breakers roar,
That wash the beach at Rockaway
Transfixed I've stood while Nature's lyre
In one harmonious concert broke
And, catching its Promethean fire,
My inmost soul to rapture woke.


Transportation Map
"A" train line - 5 blocks from Beach 25th Street.
Right near JFK airport - 10 minutes away
Just one block from the Long Island bus lines:
N31, N32, N33, the green line 22, and the bus line Q113

Driving and Direction

From the North, heading through and from Queens:

(1)Take I-678 South toward JFK direction
(2)Take Exit1 to continue on 878 Nassau Express Way
(3)Slight right at Costco to continue 878 Nassau Express Way, and take Exit Seagirt Blvd before the toll.
(4)On Seagirt Blvd,turn left on Beach 26 street. Turn left again on Stop sign and right turn right after that toward Deadend.

From Middle Town Manhattan:

(1)Take Middle Town Tunnel
(2)Continue I-495E, Take Exit 22A Toward Van Wyck Exp
(3)Follow the direction from the Queens

From Lower Manhattan:

(1)Take Brooklyn Bridge, turn right toward Tillary Street.
(2)Turn Left at Tillary Street, take I-278E ramp on the left to Triboro Bridge.
(3)Merge onto I-278E, take the exit 35 toward I-495E.
(4)Follow the direction as the step (2) from Middle down Manhattan.

From low Brooklyn:

(1)Take Belt Pkwy/Shore Pkwy E.
(2)Take exit11S for Flatbush Ave S toward Rockaways, Continue on Marine Pkwy Bridge.
(3)Slight left at Beach Channel Dr.
(4)Slight left at Rockaway Beach Blvd.
(5)Slight right at Beach Channel Dr.
(6)Turn right at Wainwright Ct.
(7)Turn slight at Seagirt Blvd.
(8)Turn right at Beach 26 street

From Longisland (Old Westbury):

(1)Merge on to I-495W via the ramp on the left to New York
(2)Take exit 31N for Cross Island Pkwy S toward JFK, merge onto Cross Island Pkwy and then continune on Belt Pkwy
(3)Take exit 24A toward Francis Lewis Blvd.
(4)Keep right at the folk to continue toward Laurelton Pkwy
(5)Turn right at Laurelton Pkwy.
(6)Take the first right toward Francis Lewis Blvd.
(7)Take the first right onto Brookville Blvd.
(8)Turn left at NY-878E/Rockaway Blvd (9)Follow the step 3 as driving from Queens.